Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I Like Building Models

So, after several months of a little time one evening here and a little time one afternoon there, a few dozen bits of plastic are now one little six-inch long model airplane collecting dust on my shelf.

What was the point, exactly? What is it that compels me to spend so much of my spare time cutting, sanding, painting and gluing to produce something that in the final analysis is, well, completely useless. Then I go to the hobby shop and buy more box loads of plastic bits so that I can spend many more hours hard at work on...more dust bunny bait. Then I go online and spend hours finding reference photos so that I can see just what the right flap extension angle is for a Boeing 747 on final. Or I am online tracking down that extensive photo-etch detail set for the USS Missouri kit that already has hundreds of parts.

In contrast, my wife throws pots. At least when she is done we have something that, in addition to being nice to look at, is also useful like a mug or a bowl or a plate. She also sews. She has made me shirts, made clothing for our sons, etc. Again, the end result is useful. Not my models. They just sit on the shelf.

But maybe that's exactly why I like doing it. It is, in the truest sense, a hobby. A total waste of time done purely for enjoyment.

Well, off to work on my WWII half track...

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